Facilities Maintenance: Reactive vs. Preventive Strategies

Making Informed Choices in Facilities Maintenance!

At Tradies Combined, we’ve spent over a decade working alongside Facilities Managers, gaining valuable insights into the challenges of property maintenance. 

One key issue is the need for trustworthy partners in this industry, given the budget constraints. It’s crucial to allocate resources wisely; otherwise, minor issues can quickly escalate into never-ending problems.

Reactive Maintenance Pros:

Lower Initial Costs: Issues are addressed only when they occur.

Resource Efficiency: Resources are allocated as needed.

Simplicity: Requires less administrative planning.

Reactive Maintenance Cons:

Higher Downtime: Unexpected breakdowns negatively impact productivity.

Increased Repair Costs: Delaying maintenance results in extensive and costly repairs.

Safety Risks: Safety hazards remain unaddressed until an incident occurs.

Reduced Equipment Lifespan: Shortens the lifespans of equipment and assets.

When it comes to Preventive Maintenance, it’s important to assign a dedicated individual responsible for regularly checking and addressing maintenance needs, planning replacements, and maintenance schedules. 

Most facilities, given the number of products, people, and traffic, require careful maintenance for safety and space optimization.

Facilities Managers who call our Tradies only in emergencies incur more significant costs than those who regularly schedule our Tradies to work on their facilities. 

Some places are so well-organised that they need no more than two days a week to ensure that the job is being done, and their facilities are well-maintained.

Preventive Maintenance Pros:

Reduced Downtime: Regular maintenance minimises unexpected breakdowns, enhancing productivity.

Extended Equipment Lifespan: Consistent upkeep reduces replacement and repair costs.

Improved Safety: Routine inspections identify and mitigate potential safety hazards.

Cost Predictability: Planned maintenance allows for more predictable budgeting.

Better Energy Efficiency: Well-maintained equipment operates more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and costs.

Preventive Maintenance Cons:

Upfront Costs: Initial expenses for scheduled inspections and maintenance.

Resource Intensive: Demands an investment in terms of time, labour, and materials.

Potential for Over-Maintenance: There may be a tendency to over-maintain equipment, incurring unnecessary costs.

At Tradies Combined, we’ve worked closely with Facilities Managers, providing excellent customer service and expertise in delivering efficient maintenance strategies. Building strong partnerships is as crucial as delivering exceptional service.

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